Demand for Artificial Insemination services is increasing among smallholder farmers, and it is our aim to increase the demand for and use of appropriate Jersey genetics to meet this need. However, access to appropriate genetics in developing countries remains largely prohibitively costly for use on a large scale. The Jersey Gene Bank concept, first conceived in 2019, is currently in development as a partnership between the RJA&HS (Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society) and JOA (Jersey Overseas Aid). The Jersey Gene Bank seeks to act as a mechanism which can provide appropriate Jersey genetics in large quantities to Dairy for Development projects, at or near cost prices, to meet this gap. The Jersey Gene Bank is seen as a bridge for smallholder farmers in particular, not being able to access improved appropriate genetics due to the high cost of supply, and a more commercially focussed yet sustainable system of supply within the dairy supply chain, following initial interventions.