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Established in 2019, the African Jersey Forum (AJF) is a platform for stakeholders in Africa with an interest in the Jersey breed to share knowledge, learn, and to network with others. 

Commercial Benefits

The Jersey offers a range of commercial benefits to farmers working with a range of resources and management systems. Click here to find out more about some of the key advantages of the breed.

We have collated a range of detailed research, technical, and training materials to provide more information on making dairy enterprises more profitable.

To find out more about existing national Jersey breed associations in the Africa region, click here.

Dairy for Development (D4D)

Dairy has the potential to be a significant driver of human development in the region. Click here to learn more about the benefits of dairy for developing economies.

The establishment of the African Jersey Forum has been supported by a range of partners involved in African dairy development. Click here to find out more about our D4D Expert contributors.

We aim to make a wide range of technical and training resources available to stakeholders in the dairy development sector.

Dairy for Development (D4D)

Dairy has the potential to be transformational in economies reliant on agriculture, however, it is vital that future investments in livestock systems are sustainable, based on rigorous science and taking into account the impact of climate change and carbon emissions.

Commercial Benefits

The smaller, more efficient Jersey Cow is the solution to the challenges of profitability and sustainability confronting smallholders, farmers, and dairy businesses worldwide. With the Jersey, we have an animal that is smaller, uses fewer natural resources, and produces a smaller carbon footprint.

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